What is Tablighi Jamaat and Markaz

Tablighi Jamaat :-

Tablighi in Urdu means “Propagate” as to spread the “Words and Teachings”  of  Allah and his sayings. Tablighi Jamaat means society  i.e “a group of people who work for a particular purpose also we can say Markaz as the center of propagation. which is the place where all their activities are conducted.

Markaz :

Markaz literally means gathering place. The Tablighi Jamaat believes and propagates traditional Islam.

What is ijtema :

Ijtema is a very special venture of the Tablighi jamaat allows Muslims to return to their basic teaching . ijtema is a three-day conference in which Muslim participates in large numbers , not only ordinary muslims  but also Islamic scholars , Aleem, etc gather together here.

Work of Tabligi Jamaat :

To understand what is behind the establishment of Markaz . First we should know what is the agenda behind the formation of Tablighi Jamaat . We can understand this by following elaborated points :-

  • The representative of Jamaat has to travel around the world to convince people to have ‘Trust in Allah’ .
  • Motivate to read Namaz .
  • ilm means talking only about Muslim religion.
  • Ikraam-E-muslim means to keep Muslims united among themselves, that is to respect each other and to give all possible help.
  • ikhlas-e-Niyyat  which means to keep your intention clean .

The followers working for Tabliqi Jamaat  have to be away from the household activities for few days for the propagation of Islam in whole world. For this, it is very important to give some time by the followers of Islam in their lifetime . it last for 3 , 5 or 10 days and sometimes it may extend for four (4) months.

The expenses of this organization are based on the help made by the followers of Islam. In India Sometimes governments also help for this as charity. Apart from this, money comes from foreign countries especially Arab countries.

History of Tablighi Jamaat :-

The story begins when by the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in India, the British started converting many people to Christianity. In Mewat, Haryana, when the British converted some Muslims to Christianity, there was an uproar in the Muslim society. After this incident, the Tablighi Jamaat  was founded in 1927 by Mohammad Ilyas Kandhalvi to prevent people from conversion to other religions. He was originally from Kandhalvi village in Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh. He is known as a religious reformist leader in Islam and is worshiped as a prophet in Muslim society. Tablighi Jamaat Markaz was established in 1927 next to the famous Aulia Dargah of Hazrat Nizamuddin. This Markaz is also the headquarters of the Tablighi Jamaat.

Influence of Tablighi Jamaat :

  • Tablighi Jamaat extends to 203 countries in the world.
  • The areas of influence of  Tablighi  Jamaat are: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.
  • Tablighi Jamaat organization is estimated to have between 150 to 250 million followers.
  • Tablighi Jamaat is considered one of the most influential religious campaigns of Islam.
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