Vermi Composting its Use and Prepration for Organic Farming

Vermi Composting for Organic Farming :

At the beginning of civilization, man was a hunting creature, whose life depended on the hunting and gathering. Successive civilization continued to develop and humans became dependent on animal husbandry and agriculture along with hunting.

           Initially, nature has gifted us fertile land for doing agriculture. Due to agriculture, humans gradually start settling at one place and the number of cities started increasing. Then there was a lot of emphasis on agriculture for its maintenance. For this, fertilizer was gradually added to farming increase the production. Continuous fertilizing was done and the fertility of the soil started to decline slightly. People began to use manure indiscriminately to increase the production of excessive agriculture, which led to a decrease in fertility and turned the land into wasteland.

A general law of nature is that if nature is not tampered with, then the waste that nature produces also cleans by itself and this waste proves to be a boon for those living in and dependent on the nature. But today, nature is not able to work only to meet the growing population of the country and the stomach of the animals dependent on it.

orgainic farming vermi composite

So, developng such a humane process of worm composting that not only reduces soil pollution, but also increases productivity, so the product of worm composting is relative nature which increases its efficiency ,emphasized in positive aspects. Worm composting does not destroy the nutritional value of food crops, cereals, fruits etc. On the other hand, there is also no descrease in the fertility of the soil.

We can also adopt methods employed by nature in which firstly all dead dried leaves and stems are decomposed by earth warms and insects and later by bacteria and fungi to form soil like black soil which is rich in organic substances called as “Compost”. In the soil, these animals use carbon objects as food, which gives them nutrients for growth and activity. These nutrients are then returned to the soil that the tree and other plants take up. This process is called “Nutrient Regeneration in Nature”.

This compost can be used as “natural fertilizer” in fields and orchards. Human beings are not harmed in any way due to the disturbance caused by this farming. Presently, due to excessive use of urea in the fields, the material is becoming like poison, due to which many types of physical and mental diseases are occurring.

But if we become a bit nature conscious and use organic agro based fertilizers, then all these problems can be resolved and we can provide a good, healthy and nutritious food for our future generations.

Given below is a method of making Worm Composting for Organic Farming :

vermi composite organic farming

There are some steps to make Worm Composting which we can easily prepare in about one and a half months.

  • First stage : – Dig a pit about half a meter long and wide and 1 meter                   deep.
  • Second stage :- Weed-dried leaves and grass laid in that fabric
  • Third step : – arrange for the organic waste to be brought into the pit whenever it is produced.
  • Fourth stage : – Add insects, earthworms, etc. which are being produced at commercial level.
  • Fifth step :- Keep in mind that these items are covered with dry leaves and soil every day. Add water once or twice a week to keep the pit wet.
  • Sixth Stage : – In about 45 days this waste will be decomposed due to the action of micro-beings. This soil will be fertile and rich in nutrients.
orgainic farming vermi composite

Advantages of Vermi Composting in Organic Farming :

  • It act as soil conditioner for plant growth.
  • It increases mineral balance.
  • It Improves nutrient availability.
  • It will decrease the environmental problems.
  • It will help reduction in pathogenic microorganisms.
  • It can  be a useful cottage industry  for poor farmers.
  • It can be source of extra income for farmers.
  • It will create more employment opportunity.

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