Mandi Price on mKisan Portal :

What is mKisan Portal :

  • mKisan Portal is for farmers to let all the Central and State government organizations in agriculture and allied sectors to provide related information and queries to farmers by SMS in their own languages , preference of agricultural practices and location.
  • This SMS Portal was inaugurated in India on 16 July,2013.
  • This mKisan Portal let a user to receive broadcast messages.
  • To get web based services on their mobile without having internet connection in that area/locality.

Objective :

  • A centralised knowledge base is  created  first time from the farmers perspective only.
  • This mobile based services act as a  2 way communication in which information/advisory services are provided to farmers as per there needs and even  they can also raise specific queries through SMS.
  • A Centralized system in which different modes of information flow is gathered and sent to the farmers in their own language.
  • Since effective internet users in the rural areas is about  5% only, so to text message in there own language of the farmer to break the barrier of digital divide in India.
  • Integrating mKisan portal with other farmer-centric services such as kisan call centres and common service sentres.
  • Extraction relevant data/information and storing data from remote locations where Internet is not available.

The Portal also has following useful concepts:

  • Approval of request which is protected by mobile number and email verification.
  • Automatic reminder of service by SMS and email  Activation Authority in case of delay of approval.
  • Blocking and Unblocking of wrong and troublesome users.
  • Deregistration in case of transfer, retirement etc.
  • In this SMS Delivery system, a Report for every mobile number.  
  • It includes Feedback and Query options as well.
  • In this portal a user can search topic, location, location and keyword among previous messages.

How a farmer can get registered to mKisan Portal :

There are 3 ways to get registered on mKisan Portal :

  • Kisan Call Centre Registration :
  1. Farmers can call up Kisan Call Center (KCC) through a toll free number 1800-180-1551.
  2.  It will be done by Call Centre Agent at the Kisan Call Centre.
  3. It will provide upto 8 options of Crops or Activities that can be given by the farmer.
  4.  Immediately after registration, farmer will receive a welcome SMS message on mobile phone.
  • Web Registration :
  1. A farmer if has internet access with hin or can go to the nearest Common Service Center (CSC) for registration.
  2. Link for web registration in mKisan Portal is – .
  3. Some mandatory personal details are : name , mobile number,state , district and block.
  4. Set preference language.
  5. Press on “Register” button.
  6. A verification code will be send to registered mobile number to complete the process.
  • Registration through SMS :
  1. For registration through SMS type in format as mentioned – “KISAAN REG < NAME > , <STATE NAME >, <DISTRICT NAME>, and <BLOCK NAME>” .
  2. In message type only first 3 letters of State, District and Block Names as required.
  3. Send the SMS on 51969 or 7738299899.
  • Details of farmers collected by Extension Workers  for mKisan Portal:
  1. Block Technology Managers.
  2. Assistant Technology Managers .
  3. Other  functionaries at District or Block.

Steps how to know Mandi Price by mobile SMS serice bt mKisan Portal :

  1. Open mKisan Portal by clicking on link –
  2. Click on  the ”PULL  SMS ” button/option.
  3. A list will be opened , then click on  “ Sturucture and Codes ” .
  4. A list will be opnend on the website titled with Structure and Codes.
  5.  On the list go to entry number 6 as “Mandi Price”.
  6. Follow  these instructions carefully while typing  – KISAAN MANDI (first three letters of state),(first four characters of District),(first four characters of Mandi),(first four characters of commodity).
  7. After typing in SMS box send it to  51969 or 7738299899.

Benefits of mKisan Portal :

  • It wil help user get all information on hand.
  • A complaint or feedback can also be given online as well as offline.
  • It will encourage other farmers to get these services also.
  • It will encourage to increase the access to internet services in rural areas as well.
  • It will encourage telecom sector to expand there services in rural areas.
  • Mobile manufacturing sector will be encouraged in increase there supply of mobile phones.
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